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Photographer Thierry Lathoud

I started photography very young. Then I put away my camera, abandoned the lab for thirty years to resume it digitally. I like to translate my vision differently, whether in color or in black and white that I particularly like. I love above all the work of Daido Moriyama or Tahara Keïchi, Fukase but also Titarenko.

It is as an author that I practice photography today. Urban cacophonie The “urban cacophony” series is a reflection of violence in the cities. One morning, in Varanasi, I had this desire to translate, to interpret by the photo these noises and these silences that I perceived from my room. That we can close our eyes, hear, smell, jostle etc ... May all our senses be awakened. This series is presented in two parts. In the first, you gradually enter the city with its population where you become an actor. In the second we find the absence of life, the void, highlighted by the verticality. The blur and the effects of perspective reinforce the singular and dizzying, even scary atmosphere.

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