Photographer Tysje Severens

Models: Torben & Ella - I love to create tension in my photographs. Usually this is purely by having the models adopt a certain pose. I often find the posture of a body more important than a facial expression.

I am a 25-year-old photographer from Belgium. I mostly organize photoshoots for musicians and fashion designers. My photographs are based on the reality of life, but seem to be rather surreal.

Model: Stien Gobeyn - This picture is made by coincidence. When I was looking for locations for this photoshoot, I really loved the texture of the wall, but on the day itself the light was perfect and an imaginary window appeared.

The atmosphere in my photographs is created by using everyday objects in an unusual context or by emphasizing the bizarre pose of the model.

Models: Ines & Lou Since - a few months I work as a fashion photographer for a sneaker boutique. This was my first photoshoot for them with the two shopmanagers as models.

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