Photographer Wolfi Wolf

My entire life is dedicated to the arts. I had to be born in Budapest - living mainly on my own. When the play of life led me to Paris I found myself, my reason and the meaning of life itself. Fortunately I have two wonderful assistants now who help me with all the mundane things. Apart from photography I'm an extraordinary conductor and creator of universal matters.

'in the meadow'

This picture - one of my favorites - shows clearly that we are thrown into existence totally naked. But we can learn from this picture that we could find beauty everywhere.

'2nd Butler - excerpt.'

This picture is a dedication to one of my beloved assistants.

The valleys seen here reflect the vastness of his mind.

Furthermore some say I have the bluest eyes ...

'Multiversal Color Spectrum'

The entire color spectrum of all universes combined with the dynamic movements of my gravity.

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