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Photographer Yigal Pardo

Confettical landscape # 23
Confettical landscape # 23

Some words about me:

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, 1965. With a degree in professional photography, I have been working as a freelance photographer for museums, galleries and curators, in New York, Tel Aviv and Herzliya for the past 25 years. Academy graduate in professional photography studies 1989. Work and live in Tel-Aviv & Herzliya, Israel. My career as a professional freelance photographer began in 1989.

Confettical landscape # 42
Confettical landscape # 42

Artist Statement:

The one thing in photography which interests me the most is testing boundaries and finding basic and fundamental characteristics that separates different areas and subjects, both in the visual level and in the philosophical level. I am taking real life scenes that are transferred to the surreal. In my work I'm trying to give a new meaning to the scene. By taking the scene out of its contexts, some time with computer techniques, I bring the audience into my surreal world and into his or her own imagination.

Gravitational View # 01
Gravitational View # 01

About the "Confettical Landscape" series:

The "Confettical Landscape" is an ongoing series, in that series I connect the landscape, which is fixed in time, with the "interference" of the confetti that I blow in the air, which is transient, thereby creating a hybrid moment that in reality, he was gone in a split second, and in the act of photography it becoming eternity, I show to the viewer the result and that leads the viewer both into surreal world that looks natural.

In that act of photography, I create a privatee ceremony, supposedly is meaningless. I create a record without incident.

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