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Photographer Zak Collins

Zak Collins is a photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina specializing in contemporary landscape. Zak’s interest in photography developed at an extremely difficult & transformative time in his life, following the losses of his twin son & daughter, both dying during delivery. As a coping mechanism for grief, the medium of photography would become a cathartic center of focus for Collins, eventually giving way to a regained sense of balance.

Over time, Zak’s photographic work progressed from field study to career choice. Since 2013, he has pursued landscape as subject matter, concentrating on the coastal and wetland regions of the southern United States. Both regions are very diverse with their own distinctive aesthetic; an aesthetic that is mysterious and complex, characteristics he attempts to convey in his photographs. Collins's works have been presented in partner galleries, as well as, solo and group exhibitions, including selection as the 2017 Featured Artist for TEDxCharleston.  He also collaborates with art consulting firms to connect with clients searching for original artwork.

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