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Photographer Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway was born in Bahrain in 1973 and raised in London.

Her interest in underwater photography started when she was 18 while working her way around the globe as a scuba diving instructor. Charmed by the magic of the underwater world, she began experimenting with a camera and gradually taught herself the skills needed to master this most technical of photographic techniques.

Her images are striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understanding of her medium. She delivers the remarkable, combining the highly technical aspects of underwater photography with superb creative direction resulting in extraordinary, ethereal and magical imagery evocative of mystical fairytales suspended in time. She has taken underwater photography to entirely new depths.

Zena’s renowned underwater photography appears regularly for publications such as How to Spend it, GQ, The Observer Magazine, 125, Tatler and Dazed & Confused.   

She has won many international awards and her commercial clients include: Nike, Umbro, Radox, Kyle Minogue, Sony, Epson, Herbal Essences, National Geographic and Jacuzzi.

"My work tests the connection we have with our oceans, lakes and waterways and aims to engage the imagination, to make links with what lies below the surface and to dive deep into the unconscious mind. Science tells us that our emotional response to being near and around water comes from the oldest parts of our brain; a part that evolved even before language. We are all creatures of the ocean but modern living often separates us from these natural instincts. " - Zena Holloway

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