Photographers Alex Stehouwer and Marites Stehouwer-Recio

Conference with apples, Some apples and conference pears for you, comparing regular food photography with these are like comparing , ....right: apples with pears.

We are Alex Stehouwer and Marites Stehouwer-Recio

Alex is from the Netherlands and Marites was born in the Philippines, so we are a worldly couple. We try to have holidays once or twice a year and our holidays go to the Philippines and the the south of Europe.

Green , spring , reflections, The greens are so lush and fresh in spring time. The picture was taken in the Netherlands

The pictures are mostly taken by Alex and it is primary just a hobby. I like to process the most of my work into an artistic style, because most things are already seen and done on this planet.

The light of the ocean, fine art from the Philippines near the hundred islands

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