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Poet and writer Tara Lynn Hawk

Tara Lynn Hawk is a poet and writer whose work has appeared in Occulum, Spelk, Anti-Heroin Chic, Uut, Midnight Lane Gallery, Idle Ink, Spilling Cocoa, Social Justice Poetry, Poems & Poetry and more. Her work focuses on the human condition: the unspoken, the forgotten and the marginalization of the consumer culture. Born in northern California, she has traveled extensively and lived and worked in the UK and Europe.

"Poetry as a force and impetus for change has never been stronger. Social media has so much to do with this. Unfortunately, the state of our society, the planet, the religion of consumerism and the idea propagated in the media that money equals happiness and “success” in life are all fodder for discontent and activism in poetry. It is exciting to see so many young people embracing poetry as a means of uncensored, and unashamed, articulate self-expression. I am honored to be an active contributor to the current poetry scene." - Read our interview with Tara Lynn Hawk in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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