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Pop art by fvke

< POP APE #0094 >

I explore the collision and fusion between the trends and art, drawing inspiration from elements of New York, pop art, street art, and skateboard culture.

Pop art is an unconventional art form that creates unique artworks by using elements from popular everyday life and societal objects. Its vibrant colors and repetitive forms allow it to directly express the artist's intent without excessive contemplation.

Skateboard culture, with its spirit of experimentation and never giving up, has become an important element of hip-hop culture. This attitude is deeply rooted in fvke's works, as fvke uses art as a means to convey a sense of unrestrained longing and pursuit.

< Skatebored 2308091709 >
< Skatebored 2308091709 >

From films like Planet of the Apes to brands like A Bathing Ape and even Bored Ape NFTs, the combination of art and emerging elements from different eras continuously gives birth to new forms of trend art.

fvke's works not only showcase the unique charm of New York elements but also exemplify the freedom, directness, passion, openness, bravery, and innovation of pop art culture.

< POP APE #0095 >

The < POP APE > series by fvke continues the artistic style of Pop Art, taking Andy Warhol's iconic image as a prototype. Following the creative trend of the Ape theme, fvke has created the < POP APE > NFT and its series, expressing a very delicate texture in its original artworks.

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