Pop artist Marco Santaniello


I lived all over NY in 3 years : Chinatown, one block away from the Empire State Building, Sunnyside Queens, Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, Chelsea and probably more but somehow I found myself often passing by this area even because not far from textiles area where I used to buy stuff while I was making my own tshirts. Anyway this was in 2013 and the moment included a lot of  NewYork in a quick shot and I remember when I shot the starting picture I was thinking : Wow this really looks like one of those great postcards lolol but isn't it this way almost everywhere in Manhattan ;)? Great time of my life who knows maybe someday I will be back.

I'm kinda based in Taipei, Taiwan at the moment but I m always on the move considering that since 2013 till now I had solo exhibitions in Milan, New York, Montreal, Porto Alegre, Seoul, Beijing and had my first Museum Solo exhibition in the Yiwu City Museum in China (may 2017). Besides taking part in several art fairs around the world I have two more upcoming solo show in Seoul and Porto Alegre this current year. To me being a Pop ( popular ) artist means to be very near to the community and people and on the base of all my artworks is the idea that we are all the same. I started my path doing Pop Portraits and in front of my rainbow wall background everyone is a superstar. After a while I slowly expanded my works and since I am a great walker and a globe trotter too I also started to take pictures of everything that was getting my attention in the streets , especially urban landscapes, so that s why I began to show the reality of the streets seen in first person with my eyes during my trips. Since I care of my world (community) I always try to send some direct or indirect messages using satirical type of representations, as you can see in part of my artworks.


I lived in New York for 3 years an this artwork was also part of my very first important solo exhibition in Chelsea,Manhattan in november 2013. One of the most important thing in order to survive in NY are the Friends. In a city where you live huge UPs and DOWNs someone will always help you or drag you down so having around people you can trust is the key over there. The HighLine park was one of my favourite ones and I spent lots of time there. I remember that particular afternoon I saw this small group of people and I felt the Friendship feeling so I decided to capture the moment.


I am 100% Italian and I think Venice is one of the very amazing cities we have. It's just incredible the feeling of walking around those streets despite the huge amount of impolite tourists. Overall I always just try to focus on moments like this one in the Rio Foscarini. 


Hong Kong is an extraordinary place. I've been there for 2 entire months and for a urban landscapes lovers like me that place is just one of the best in the world. Such a great variety of scenes and despite the huge influence of foreigners there is still plenty of real HK life style hiddden all over the island and Kowloon as well. I used to be based in Kowloon indeed and this artwork was a moment from a great evening of explorations.