Portrait photographer Aks Huckleberry

Born in a tiny southern town of Russia, Aks Huckleberry is a young film maker and a portrait photographer, who for the past several years has been working as a freelancer in between London & Moscow and internationally. Aks predominantly uses natural light & organic elements in her portrait work.

Self-portrait as a Tin Soldier A friend of mine does a lot of re-enactments & has a ton of props and costumes lying around his house. I came over to visit him last summer & found this replica uniform of a 19th century British infantry soldier. Instantly, I wanted to shoot a self-portrait dressed up in the gear, but highlighting my sexuality & femininity. We set up a camp in the garden & shot it in front of his house before the wind blew me away.

Whenever and wherever she travels, she takes a moving portrait of the place, which includes her family, friends & strangers she encounters on her journey – the majority of the work is not staged, but is about capturing the mood, the atmosphere and the beauty of the place and memories of the people involved in it, through the prism of her vision.

More info:

Website: https://www.akshuckleberry.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/planetaks

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