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Professionally Provocative

Kyle S. Parsons has been getting a lot of attention recently after the Rich Kids of Instagram, Daily Mail UK, and Bild (Germany) featured him in various articles. He has been receiving mixed reviews from people either hating him for being more well off and other people thinking its cool and wanting to be like him. Two years ago we conducted an interview with him and now we asked him again about his new book Professionally Provocative.

"You know, when I first interviewed with you guys a couple of years ago, I was at the peak of developing my 'Rich Kid if Instagram' image. I was very strict with the types of photos I posted, I spent a lot of time working on my posts and thinking how people would react to them. But slowly over the past year, I started posting more creative - edgy - risqué photos on my Instagram page. So they still fit with my 'rich kid' image, but added some flavor to otherwise "basic" photos. I added the phrase "Professionally Provocative" to my Instagram bio (which ended up being the title I used for my memoir) and I'm slowly trying to move into a different direction with my page and online image. Don't get me wrong, I love luxury and fashion and will still post that type of content, but I don't want to always be known as just a 'Rich Kid of Instagram.' It is very limiting when that is all you're seen as, and especially with me beginning to get more serious about acting and modeling, I really need to move past that. " - Read our interview with Kyle S. Parsons in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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