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Realist artist Xane Asiamah

Title : KingKesia 

Description : Charcoal on A4 cartridge paper.

Xane Asiamah (b. 1996) is a self-taught realist artist from Ghana. Xane's hyper realistic drawings and colourful paintings are created through charcoal, ink, acrylic paint and graphite in layers to create a realistic reference. As a versatile artist , with digital art and design also mastered, Xane continues to shock the world with his intricate pieces.

At age 21, he has already had three grand exhibitions which have made him a prominent artist in Ghana.The beauty of women, emotions, african symbols and Greek Mythology often inspires his artwork.

Xane's pieces are higly prized and cherished for their highly achieved level of detail and the vibrance of his paintings. He has been commissioned work from all around the world, featured in many local and online art galleries and exhibitions, and on many websites.

Title : Black lives matter 

Description : Charcoal on A4 cartridge paper. 

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