Realist painter Kristin Moore

Over LA (Palms) - (12x12x2in, acrylic on panel, 2020). This piece was inspired by many trips up to overlooks in Los Angeles. It was always a nice surprise to capture the glittering cityscape of LA through the frame of palm trees up above. The sprawl of the city lights is truly unforgettable.

I’m a realist painter currently residing Dallas, TX. My work explores the various landscapes and highways of Texas, California, and in between. I attended St. Edward’s University in Austin for undergraduate, where I studied painting, drawing, and art history. I received my MFA from Otis College of Art + Design in 2016. During my time living in California, I often traveled to and from Texas in between semesters.

Venice Beach - (8x8x2in, acrylic on panel, 2020). This piece was created recently while scrolling through some old images I had taken on my iPhone during my last trip out to Los Angeles. The palm trees in LA are iconic and really add character to the landscape. I decided to focus mainly on the palms in this piece and let the sky fill in the rest. The sunsets in LA are always unpredictable in the best ways.

I grew to love the Western landscape. Since grad school, I’ve built on my studio practice and grown my work to explore a variety of landscapes in the Western US and beyond. Working primarily in acrylic on panel, my work explores atmosphere and nostalgia through architecture and cityscapes.

View Towards Santa Monica - (8x8x2in, acrylic on panel, 2020). This painting is a scene from my old apartment in West Los Angeles. My roommate and I used to sit on our balcony and watch the sunsets towards the coast. Santa Monica is just over the horizon in this photograph. On a clear day you could see the rolling mountains along the coast. I miss that view everyday.

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