Royzy Rothschild feat. Cash Pound Notes - Just Like Ice T

( Just Like Ice T ) ft cash pound notes

Still a heavy weight hitter in Liverpool, Hip hop artist Royzy Rothschild dominates the urban scene in Liverpool and his lyrical ability is felt right across the pond to the United States.

Royzy Rothschild

He has a new single called ( Just Like Ice T ) ft cash pound notes coming on on iTunes on 20th April 2018.

"The album I'm dropping this year is called the celeb name drop lp an every track has to have famous name drops, so we have had tracks like Jay z's money and Eminem effect and no Kany west and now we have Just like ice T ft cash pound notes.

On this one I wanted to show a lil bit more of my technical side with the rhythm but at same time just saying like I am real and there's no one else like me in this rap game saying how real i keep it. But end day i love this sport man like i like to stretch everything out and i put on cash pound notes from big condo records to do there thing too man." - Royzy Rothschild

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