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Sara 'Savant Artist' LaMothe

My first artistic creation was done on the white backdrop of my moms' white leather was also my most painful creation! Since then I've refined my skills using Prismacolor markers and a variety of household shapes and templates to create vividly colorful, geometric abstract art. I've also challenged myself to offer custom designs based on the client's choice of colors and personal theme or word.

The admirer receives the finished artwork along with my PayPal asking to be paid what the art is worth to them. My personal goal has always been 'to spread color and positivity worldwide'. I've started on this quest by creating three unique art pieces per month to be donated to a random children's hospital, one per state. Coloring brings me a sense of zenful joy that nothing else provides and I am truly humbled when other people find the same joy from my colorfully chaotic style.

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