Sasha Raven - Indian Summer

He was a very quiet child and very an introverted person. His passion was music and it’s still. His mother was a classical guitarist, but he didn’t show any interest in learning or playing guitar. He has started learning to play guitar when he was almost twenty years old. His friend convinced him into that, he showed him four chords and that was it. With that four chords, Sasha composed his first song. He was impressed by that and until today, Sasha has composed over four hundred songs. Some of his songs can be heard on music social platform Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes and so on, but a very few on YouTube. In the year 2005, he and his friend, created the band Dharma. His friend met those days Paul Godfrey from worldwide band Morcheeba. His friend first didn’t know who is he (Paul Godfrey) or who is Morcheeba. Paul gave to his friend a business card and he showed to Sasha that card.

Sasha was excited and he said to the friend whom he met. A coincidence was that his friend met Paul Godfrey again the other day. And he showed to the Paul their song Winter’s Day (a.k.a. Afterglow). Guess Paul liked that song, so he wrote the lyrics for Afterglow. But Dharma didn’t last long, because of different music taste in the band. So they simply split the band. Sasha went on his solo music career. He has released the songs like Kiss Me, Moonrise, Indian Summer. Beside music he writes also poetry. He posts it on sites like AllPoetry, Steemit, Trybe, Hello Poetry. He has also released two poetry books and four e-books via Lulu. Poems are about social problems, love, pain, sadness, sorrow, death and also about the crypto world… He wrote also a fairy tale for the children. Besides guitar, he plays also bass guitar, he sings and writes lyrics. His music influence are Radiohead, Muse, Nirvana, The Vines, Royal Blood, QOTSA, Suede, Placebo, The Kills, Jack White and many other bands.

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That was my very first song, which I wrote it in the year 2001. The song is about a couple who just broke up. She fell in love with the other guy, who is very rich. But her ex-boyfriend is trying to get her back at any cost. That is a true story, which happened to me in my personal life.

P.S.: An Indian summer is a period of great success late in someone's life or career, often after a period of not being successful. A period of success or happiness near the end of somebody’s life.



Darling, I need you so much,

but, I just can't be with you,

darling, I miss you so much,

why you're breaking my heart in two?

Sing! Indian summer is gone.