Scratchboard miniature artist Dorian Monsalve

I'm Dorian, a surreal scratchboard miniature artist. My artwork consists of scratching away layers of colored ink (dripping/covering with plastic and other organic elements), to create texture and imagery. Using sharp knives, a fiber glass brush, steel wool and other tools, I reveal and create highly detailed miniature dreamscapes. I have been experimenting with this medium for 12 years, always challenging myself and bringing this medium "experimental scratchboard", to a new level. I always feels inspired and transported into an infinite surreal world full of bright colors, deep contrast, fantasy images, and miniature beings awaiting to be revealed. As I continue in experimenting and evolving with this medium, I become more aware of my own purpose in life: "To recognize oneself a microcosmos and all living beings as one with the universe; to bring awareness of the collective consciousness through art as a healing tool, and to awaken by accepting and loving one another just as we are. I am one with the Universe, therefore creativity is infinite.” - Dorian Monsalve

This dreamlike landscape "Lucid Dream I" arose from the depths of the subconscious mind through a meditative state, inspired by music, nature and sacred geometry. Images continue to emerge as I continue etching or scratching the surface. This work also relates to transpersonal and visionary art, portraying mystical and spiritual revelations.

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