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Singer and songwriter Michael Gutierrez-May

"I am a singer songwriter who balances the humorous and the serious in my work. I came out with my first full length album, Firefly In A Jar Of Emotion this past September, 2017. I have been featured at several open mile features and songwriter showcases over the past six months. My work is inclusive and global in perspective. I am a social worker by vocation and a writer and musician by avocation. " - Michael Gutierrez-May

My musical training started in high school and college with basic guitar and then a year and a half of classical guitar study. Since that time, I have focused mostly on being a songwriter and I think writing is my strongest talent. I wrote my first songs when I was 16. I recorded my first songs on a cassette album when I was in my early 30's. For three years, I was the manager of a folk music coffeehouse in Jamaica Plain, Mass which featured many well known contemporary folks artists including John Gorka, Patty Larkin, Cheryl Wheeler, Bob Franke and Dave Van Ronk. My performance style is folk and acoustic and I use a nylon string guitar.

I got back into songwriting and performing in a more focused way about 10 years ago. I have a strong interest in playwriting and musicals and in 2009, I wrote my first musical titled  Tenderness and Joy. I recently reposted this musical on my Bandcamp site, From there, I recorded my first EP titled Fifty Miles Away in 2011 and then released a collection of live humorous song performances titled Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun in July, 2012 which is only available as a download. I then released two singles, Taliesen (my lyrics, music by Kristian Borresen) and I Will Miss You When You Go (my music and lyrics) which were both produced by Stuart Epps in the UK.

I have mostly been a solo artist, but for my most recent album, I was fortunate to have the services of Eric Gulliksen, the bassist for the classic soft pop-rock group Orpheus as my album producer. His comrade and Orpheus bandmate Stephen Martin was also an important contributor and guiding spirit for the album. Colette O'Connor, who you have featured, is a cowriter and coproducer on my album song Neponset River Murder Ballad. Other contributors to the album include Raianne Richards, Edward DeFord, Tom Hyer, Rick Quimby, Jahnu Jnana, PJ Rogue, Chris Glanville and David Stimson. The recording process was recorded at the home studio of Rich Kneeland in Pomfret, Ct.

I try and strike a balance with my music, between melody that is engaging and lyrics which are direct and somewhat poetic, between serious reflections and humorous, often satirical observations. Lyrics usually come first, but sometimes music and lyrics show up together and every blue moon or so, the music shows up on its own. I am a writer and a musician, sometimes also a collaborator and for me, this is fun. I always hope listeners can relate to what I am singing about and I craft memorable lines as takeaways.

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