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Singer and songwriter Lyia Meta

Lyia Meta is a singer, songwriter and visual artist with a penchant for speaking through song and turn of phrase, where freedom is found through voice that's "big, bold and beautiful".  

This Malaysian born spent her childhood in a small town in the state of Malacca where music and art were the mainstay of her everyday life.  

Her debut EP 'This is Lyia' which garnered 6 nominations from Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) in May of 2016 saw her win the award for BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT.  The debut offering which is described as "raw", "organic" and "bold" is a reflection of her roots in rock, blues and pop.  

That same year saw her being nominated top 5 for Anugerah Industri Awards (A.I.M) for Best New Artist.  Selected from more than 700 entries and touted as Malaysia's very own Grammy, the nomination gained her recognition on a National level.   April 2017 saw Lyia Meta win The Gold Medal Award for Best Rock Ballad for her song  'Slumber' from Global Music Awards, California.  This was soon followed by her garnering another nomination and subsequently winning the title and an Award from Radio Wigwam (UK) for BEST FEMALE ARTIST  for their RADIO WIGWAM ONLINE RADIO AWARDS 2017.   After a year and a half of taking a break from recording and on  January 24th of 2018 Lyia Meta released her latest single 'Without Walls' as a worldwide exclusive on Radio Wigwam (UK).  Her music has been well received among the independent groups and has been getting regular airplay on selected internet radio stations across globe. She is currently in studio working on new material.

As a visual artist she paints what she feels and how she sees life. Her relationship with her art is as fiery as the artist herself and she loves every moment spent in front of the canvas. 

“I am a self confessed romantic. I paint on influences and emotions that hold sway over me. It is a journey within a journey that opens strange doors.  Often the path leads me to places I would have never dreamt of discovering.”

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