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Following the positive reception of the "RELEASE" EP (covered by Celebmix and Jaamzin) I offer the world this HOUSE remix of 'Solemn Light'!

The track aims to be a summer banger, bringing the Ibiza vibe to the UK, and is produced by the talented Jojo F who is celebrating HUGE success with Da BeatFreakz on Radio1 right now!

Solemn Light was written for my sister after her husband died suddenly of a blood clot in the brain... I wanted to remind her that the only strength she needed was inside her all along, and listeners have found their own strength in the lyrics.

Southampton has seen a HUGE rise in new music and I am so proud to be part of an amazing movement that shows no signs of slowing down!


More info:

COPYRIGHT FERYL MUSIC 2019  SOLEMN LIGHT (The "Red Room Studios" Mix) ISRC Code: UKC871900001

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