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Pre-order of the very limited & rare “in house” low quantity vinyl edition of SOULDRIFTA by 72 Soul / Pierre Citron!

A side will have the full album tracks 1-9 and B side will have all the instrumentals 10-16.

Includes immediate access to the full album digitally. Attention vinyl is scheduled to be delivered the earliest February 2018.

Intro 01:32

1. Intro 1:32

2. Pay The Bills 2:53

3. Decisions 2:23

4. Just Another Beat 0:53

5. En Terrasse 4:08

6. Transformation 2:19

7. Upgrade Your Soul 2:31

8. Buiten De Zone 3:13

9. Outro 0:36

10. Pay The Bills (Instrumental) 1:32

11. Decisions (Instrumental) 2:20

12. Just Another Beat (Instrumental) 0:53

13. En Terrasse (Instrumental) 4:08

14. Transformation (Instrumental) 2:19

15. Upgrade Your Soul (Instrumental) 2:31

16. Buiten De Zone (Instrumental) 3:13

Urban Waves Records join forces with local producer, writer and singer Peter Beda from Lazy Rebel to present this new album by 72 Soul / Pierre Citron!

SOULDRIFTA is going to keep you warm for this Winter season! The album is a very authentic Belgian experience. You'll hear words in French, Dutch and English!

So lay back, grab a beer, a pack of fries ("frittes" as we say here) and enjoy!

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