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Spatial artist Suvarna Jain

Suvarna Jain is a New Delhi based spatial artist, who explores relationships between space, light and object in an effort to create soulful spatial experiences. Stemming from her interest in conceptual art, studying human behavior and rethinking interaction with the everyday object, she emphasizes on creating art in the form of sculptural furniture, wall murals and architectural lighting design in any given space. Over anything else, she values reverence for the material that goes into the making of things and making conscious decisions based on its life cycle.

Grounded Realities, a three part series of wall sculptures, is an ode to color, a moment of escape, an appreciation of hues available to our eye. Created by Suvarna Jain during the 2020 quarantine period to enliven your senses, the art pieces are an investigation of the shadows that are created with the intermingling of architecture and sunlight.

The subject matter is an interpretation of the following two words-

a. Existing | forms that just are, stoic and grounded, unperturbed by the world. b. Projecting | thoughts on these grounded realities, finding escape in their shadows & textures, making stories, dreaming of what could be.

  Medium- mixed media on 24" x 36" board and the texture is created using leftover POP from an architectural site.

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