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Street photographer Fabiolla Loureiro

Based in São Paulo/BR, Fabiolla Loureiro has been working as a photographer since 2010. First as a hobby, a Nikon D50 and only one lens, she ended up discovering within the photography herself. She developed her skills in studio with her sister (Studio Loureiro), where she mainly explored portraits and nude. But in the last few years, she became obsessed with travels (over 30 countries), and found herself involved with this freedom and opportunity that this kind of photography allows.

"I like to be in places where I feel connected. So Europe has become my dearest corner in the world. Old places Like Paris, Venice and Budapest are completely personal to me. One thing I always avoid is to act like a tourist. I love to walk around as a flaneur, especially at night, which feels to me as if I’m awakening my inner voice. Of course I love to photograph monuments, buildings, lights, cityscape itself, but also people, meaning life, emotions, sadness, melancholy, happiness, excitement! The more raw the moment is, the more I love." - read our interview with Fabiolla in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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