Surreal artist Luigi Quarta

Look Me: In this artwork I wanted to accentuate the concept that we humans are similar to animals. A concept that we currently often forget, feeling superior to them.

Luigi Quarta, Italian surreal artist, based in Parabita - a small town in the province of Lecce- has a knack for dreaming up surreal masterpieces. his work is constantly and surprising.

Bloom III: This artwork is part of a triptych called "Bloom". Here I focused on the three primary colors existing in nature, Red, yellow, and blue, playing with the flowers that frame the girl.

In 2012 a friend convinced him to start a basic course in digital photography. He started this course as a hobby, two years later he continued with more advanced courses, finally, that hobby became his passion and, these days his profession.

Egyptians: This artwork is part of a triptych called "Lost Civilizations". I wanted to make this triptych with the aim of being able to give a personality to a skull, dressing it with feathers and wings of various parrots, inspired by the traditional costumes of these civilizations.

In his photographic vision, he represents a fantastic journey in a parallel world. He uses as an instrument of expression, combining different techniques to evoke the mystery and hidden meaning behind physical objects. Luigi’s strange creations tap into an unknown world. Words will not do justice to the magic found behind Luigi’s surreal pieces.

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