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Spiros Baras is a Greek artist and co-founder of the project, The Pattern Tales, a creative partnership dedicated to literature-inspired original digital prints. Spiros holds a Diploma in Graphic Arts and a Graduate certificate in Digital Culture. He did intensive studies of digital fine art prints, from which the idea for The Pattern Tales began.

The Pattern Tales is an artistic project in which original digital prints are created, to reproduce the sensory-rich immersive experience offered by classic works of literature. By choosing pattern and repetition as our narrative visual elements, you discover a new storytelling experience. Every detail creates a complex visual rhythm and flow, that imitates words on a page.

All the artworks are printed on archival paper using pigment-based inks. Each edition is limited, numbered and signed by the artist.

Artwork Description

After reading Matsuo Basho’s diary carefully over a year, Spiros Baras explored haiku poetry for the first time. He really wanted to create something unique, totally different from traditional haiku paintings. He decided to go digital.

Departure (depicted in the picture) is the first artwork of the series, The Records of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton. The collection is titled after Basho’s diary and the artwork is inspired by the first scene of the diary which describes Basho’s departure for his journey.

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