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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I'm an interior designer and visual artist living in Dubai. My curiosity in answering the question “what if?” leads me to explore surrealism to create art and design pieces that visualize a certain idea or thought I get from my mundane life.

Mi ritorni in mente: A timeless idyllic space, created within the mind of the lover, who, upon losing the love of his life, remembers her as beautiful as she was, daydreaming, wishing she was by his side, in this secret outdoor living room: where the memory of them will never be lost, and their love will never end, remaining unchanged forever. Based on the Italian song: Mi ritorni in mente by Lucio Battisti. In collab with Italian designer Cristina La Porta | @ccmrdesign

My absolute enjoyment in this process, is to observe a certain object, and give it a story of a different life than the one it’s having in this world. From that, I start world-building, using any mediums at my disposal. It being digital or traditional.

Eternal Noos: An interior design installation concept, that's meant to explore the notion of Etherealism through Tulimond's construction of a world that's afloat in time. With the elegance of Edra's Boa Sofa, and Eny Lee Parker's Oo Lamp.

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