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Visual artist Eunique Deeann

Eunique Deeann is a writer + visual artist who explores the breakdown of human connection. She experiments with creative expression and storytelling through poetry, photography, art + experimental documentary projects.

Focusing on lived experience; her work is designed to entice dialogue about empathy, empowerment, vulnerability, social impact, commonality + community. she's found home in Southern California as an author + visual storyteller under the pseudonym euni. You can follow her ongoing collection socially via @euniquedeeann

Love is free is a visual expression paired with one hundred something love letters I never sent to express through photographs + motion imagery the details on connection + love as seen through the eyes of Euni over the years. A mix of black + white and color, the details and the evolution of the course of love is a bit choppy, mixed and often without clearly defined lines. Euni has pulled pieces from her collection of imagery and motion pieces over the last fifteen years and has paired with a collection of journals, letters + poems to attempt to further express the emotions felt over the course of time.

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