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Updated: Mar 9, 2019

This series of works are about symbolic places and countless different point of views. I have thinking that It is not easy to express all the feelings of those days while traveling to monumental places and structures in many countries. Our point of views on unchanged values may be slightly altered by our customs or habits , but the true meaning does not change. In these works, thousands of water droplets are not just objects to describe beauty, they are mediums to mean different people's point of views. Even the same scenery can be seen in countless different images through their eyes. But one symbolic thing is all alike, no matter how different the point of view. If it is not this symbolic, it may show a lot of diversity.

My name is Hwan-Young Jung and I am a contemporary visual artist based in New York, Milan, and Seoul. I currently live in Seoul, and I am doing many art works. For 9 years, I have lived in San Francisco and New York, I started photography at San Francisco Art Institute,CA, and learned fine art photography at Pratt Institute Graduate School.

The symbolic structure was made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It is the Eiffel Tower in Paris that everyone loves. Everyone likes it, but I don't think there is an object as good as the Eiffel Tower in this work. The Eiffel Tower is by no means the Eiffel Tower. The symbolism is the best because it is such a famous building. However, many people may think differently. The shape of a droplet can be a circle, an ellipse, a crushed circle, or a semicircle. It is as varied as our thoughts and views. In fact, the image of the Eiffel Tower was number one among these works. But there was a problem with film development with using old films. So I retaken later and got behind with the title.

Now, I work for fine art photography and commercial photography in many country. And I'm preparing solo exhibition with galleries in New York and Milan for my new works.

I lived in New York for five years before I came back to Seoul, South Korea. More than once a month, I saw the Statue of Liberty. It always reminded me of one thing. It is mankind's desire for free democracy and their reality. The distance between ideals and reality is always far away. But the Statue of Liberty always seems to say to us, "Freedom has rights and obligations."

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