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Visual artist Joe Turpin

Joe Turpin is a Johannesburg based Visual Artist. Born in Yeoville, Johannesburg and recently based in United Kingdom. Turpin comes from an artistic background. His brother an emerging musician and his late mother the photographer Giséle Wulfsohn. Turpin has had exhibitions in France, United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan and South Africa. Having been influenced by the history of the narratives he has been surrounded by. He paints untold allegories or fables in different ways.

Painting can be used to represent, and through influences of neo-expressionism, family background and the conditioning of the streams of life around him, Turpin wishes to uphold, celebrate and narrate markings through his eyes and by realizing unique expressive natures in various forms. “Pop Expressionism” and striking scenarios and direct visions are coined and held in stencils and emotive style. Expression allows freedom. Turpin’s work is always informed by history and the canvas becoming an expanded pallet. More recently sculptural and textural elements are being added to the oeuvre. ‘In practice I believe that emotion comes out through expression and art making is more powerful when it tells a story.’

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