Visual artist Madhvee Deb

Madhvee Deb is an Indian visual artist, who after having lived in Africa, Australia and Europe, now calls Singapore home. She completed her Masters in Arts in Fine Arts in 2014 from Goldsmith's College of Art (Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore). Her art-making process is in particular informed by the notion of capturing emotions, remembrance, identity, human perception, and comprehension of reality. Her Solo exhibitions include Digital Waste: The Sweet Smell of Burning, Georgetown Festival, Penang, (2018), and Galleri Soho, Västerås, Sweden, (2019). She also participated in group exhibitions such as Affordable Art Stage, Singapore (2019), Konstrundan City Vernissage (2019), Galleri Soho, Västerås, Sweden, You Are All Invited, Penang, Malaysia (2019). FRAC Des Pays De La Loire, Nantes, France (2015), Art Stage Singapore (2014), Eminent Takeover at Eminent Plaza, Singapore (2014). Madhvee received a grant from Georgetown Festival (2018). She was a speaker at the Round Table at Alliance Française de Singapour (2013), Milan Image Art & Design Fair - Singapore (2014).

Deb’s work-in-progress art series ‘Ode to despair’ is an initiative aimed at giving an alternative lifecycle the single-use plastic. The short-lived cycle of single-use plastic bags is alarming, yet it is challenging to give up such a highly convenient material completely. Without the ubiquitous plastic, our civilization seems impossible. It has become a pronounced symbol of unmindful consumerism and a throw-away society. At the same time, the accessibility and usefulness of plastic bags are undeniable. This contrasting dialogue intrigued Deb, and she created a series of captivating photographs with found plastic bags. In addition to her photographic explorations, Deb recycles the same plastic into yet another artwork to complete the loop by ‘Re:Fusing & Reusing’ it. The abstract images look surreal yet are quite recognisable; this mimics the everyday struggle of knowing that our actions have consequences irrespective of how convenient they may seem.

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