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Sugar In My Bowl Digital artprint on canvas 120/80cm –limited & signed 1/1- 2019 Sugar In My Bowl is my tribute to Nina Simone. This is also number 4 of the Helden/Heroes series.

I have been working as an independent visual artist since 1994. My studio is located in Zwolle at communal building for music, performance, arts & crafts @ Rieteweg 10, Zwolle, Overijssel, the Netherlands.

I am rooted in the graphic industry but over time I have developed into a multi-disciplinary artist. The graphic influence is still present in my work. As my artworks have a strong sense of aesthetics and firm arrangement of colour and composition. My creating process is comparable with the process of a graphic designer. The concept, the idea is leading. Than several ideas are explored until the final idea transforms into a painting or digital artwork. However there is always room for coincidence. Unexpected errors, new insights, intended interventions and a bit of frustration is actually the key to the outcome.

Into The Field Of Joy Digital artprint on canvas 120/80cm –limited & signed 1/1- 2019 'Into The Field Of Joy' is no. 6 from the Helden/Heroes series.

A distinctive feature in my work is the human body & personality in al its shapes, forms and behavioural aspects. My art is often a personal reflection of social issues and current affairs. Daily scenes, platitudes and the absurdities of human behaviour also inspire me. Although my art is highly aesthetical it also contains distressing elements that evoke a feeling of uneasiness. This contradiction is a recurring theme in my artwork. Do you really see what is shown? What lies underneath? Thematically it could be looked upon as a search to the core of being.

The images I create are attractive, smooth and somewhat polished at first sight but on second sight the controversy is revealed. My aim is to portray human nature, stripped of pretence or behind the surface. The created images often touch upon the edge of fiction and fact.

To me, innovation is not a purpose in itself but the result of progressive insight and the need to stretch and push my own boundaries. Currently my work seems a mixture between estranged architectural or manmade environments and floating, displaced and/or disconnected creatures. My two latest series of paintings, Metropolitans and Brave New World are my response and reflections of all that occurs in modern society. It shifts from irony to dystopy.

The Afterlife Digital artprint on canvas 120/80cm –limited & signed 1/1- 2019 The Afterlife is nr. 3 from the Helden/Heroes series.

Heroes/Helden- My series Heroes/Helden, here on display today is emanating from the need to honour my personal heroes. I have a list of max. 10 heroes that are all connected somehow to several eras in my life. This is a series of digital manipulated images. It is a limited, and signed, edition of 1/1. Featuring David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Michel Jackson, Nina Simone, Lenny Kravitz, Lauren Hill, Skin (Skunk Anansi), Jeff Buckley and Beck. Now presented to you: Prince-The Afterlife, Nina Simone-Sugar In My Bowl & Lenny Kravitz-Into The Field Of Joy.

Next to my work as an independent artist, I create and participate in community art projects and educational art projects. Next to that I am participating member of the visual arts committee and board member of experimental contemporary art space ‘Het Langhuis’ in Zwolle, NL.

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