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Visual artist Nicole Tapia Torres

My name is Nicole Tapia Torres. I’m a part-time visual artist. I was born in Lima, Perú, but moved later on around the age of 8 to US. I’ve always loved art as a child, ever since i could remember. It all started with one day i got gifted my first canvas, along with a paintbrush and some acrylic paint, since then my creativity just begin to flow naturally. Next thing I knew my whole room was filled up by my artwork.

In the past i’ve experimented with different types of art through out my life, but one of my favorite types of art would have to be acrylic painting because I have a passion for mixing different beautiful colors to create one of a kind special art piece. What usually inspires me to make art is a thing know as “controversial art” such as things no one ever taught about, and hear other people’s feedbacks and opinions, really makes my day, and makes me love doing what i do the best!

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