Visual artist Otto Laske

Laske Color #7,. Broad Strokes No. 10, 18x14

Otto Laske was born in Breslau/Wroclaw in what is now Poland. He obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as a member of the Frankfurt School and, as a Fulbright student, a M. Mus. In Composition at New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, USA.

Laske Color #3, Focus of Devotion, 18x14

After teaching philosophy and musicology in Canada, Otto studied and taught at the Instituut voor Sonologie, Utrecht, The Netherlands (1970-75). Through his work in Utrecht, he became known as a cognitive musicologist focused on artificial intelligence research (1970-1992), and a composer of computer music, both acoustic and electronic. Through his work in organizations, he turned developmental psychologist, writing a second dissertation in 1999, on which his social-science work is based (

Laske Line #4, Lifelines 14, 18x14

As an artist, Otto’s work began in poetry at age 17 and continued in music composition from age 24 to 74 ( He turned to visual arts in 2010, working exclusively digitally in animation, painting, graphics, and photography.

Otto Laske

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