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Visual artist Tim Soekkha

"I studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I’ve had jobs as a visual artist, a graphic designer, a desktop publisher, a set painter, a producer, a coordinator and a as a salesman. I also curated art shows and worked as a freelance para-legal advisor.

A conscious effort to make my work as appealing as possible coincided with my favorite way of creating images: I mostly work with pen, ink and watercolors. My deliberate line work is full of vibrant energy providing an organic feel to his work. I have my own style but like to keep all my work attractive, radiating and captivating in terms of technique, colors and concept." - Tim Soekkha

Description of the artwork:

Title: No Text

A portrait of the artist in a recreation of the murky atmosphere of noir with washes of ink, watercolor, and scratchy pen work

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