Visual artist Verena Terekina

Ghosts, 2019

The art in art. A gift that the exceptional artist Verena Terekina perfectly masters:

By harmoniously blending styles, she impressively succeeds in letting every viewer get immersed into the depth of her works. Her inspiration is a wonderful gift – because the „devil“ is in the details, although here the curse is also a blessing. With her unique sweeping lines, which oppose her precision, she mesmerizes her viewers.

The Sun, 2020

Thus fascinated – if not outright hypnotized by the creation of a tridimensional illusion, viewers quickly get lost in a fantasy world that is gladly allowed to become a part of their own reality. As an artist, she masters it to have someone long for the liveliness in her creations: Maybe the shades allow one to suspect a movement or is it the play of colours after all? This art to not just stimulate the world of ideas but also offer her a variety of options, exemplifies Verena Terekinaʻs talent.

(Text by Kristina Kubik)

Siblings (you, I see), 2020

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