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Visual artist Way Chou

Deity of the woods  (25°00'36.5"N 121°41'05.6"E)
Deity of the woods (25°00'36.5"N 121°41'05.6"E)

The project was begun from 2000 January on, when the pestilence breaks off the connection between us.

Aliano  (40°18'43.0"N 16°13'53.1"E)
Aliano (40°18'43.0"N 16°13'53.1"E)

I decided to tour the world on Google Maps, make some landscape paintings on a drawing board, and presenting on the internet. You can follow the coordinates to find the real landscape in my works on Behance.

Gnossienne (40°50'18.0"N 14°04'30.0"E)
Gnossienne (40°50'18.0"N 14°04'30.0"E)

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