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Visual artist Youcy

Differences - visual artist Youcy

Youcy (pronounced you see) is an emerging visual artist from the greater Saint Louis area. In 2017, he began his journey into art as a hobby and quickly fell in love with it. While battling severe depression and navigating the mental and emotional struggles of being bipolar, he began to turn to art as a form of therapy and self-expression.

Out of Place - Visual artist Youcy
Out of Place

He uses art as an outlet for his emotions, a way to relay his deepest inner thoughts, and a form of spiritual healing. His usage of monochromatic color pallets derives from the concept of saying a lot by doing very little, often provoking mentally and emotionally stimulating responses. Youcy's inspiration comes from his struggles with his mental health and his desire to show the beauty and light in what is often deemed dark and ugly.

Gone With the Wind - visual artist Youcy
Gone With The Wind

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