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Visual artist ZbOROVAN

"I was born in (Park Slope) Brooklyn, NY on the 

10th of December, 1953. 

It was a Thursday.

But I was raised in the melting pot of Bensonhurst, 

which became a pressure cooker in the late 60's.

Viva la revolucion! Pero no elegi mis batallas sabiamente.

Todo lo que creia era una mentira.

I have a rather diverse lineage: Czech, Polish, Italian, Spanish 

and Puerto Rican. Which made for interesting Thanksgiving 

and Christmas menus.

As a result of my diverse background, I became an Internationalist.

Seeing the world as a whole, in lieu of segments, in most illuminating.

I now reside in Fuquay-Varina, NC with my wife and son.

The tranquil life I've always sought, I found here.

My nom de pinceau is ZbOROVAN in honor of my paternal grandfather who 

was born in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia and studied art in Prague.

My last exhibition was about 5 years ago at

The Clayton Center

I received rave reviews, but no one broke out their checkbook.

Questa e la vita di un pittore.

Artist's Statement: Ego Pingere, Ergo Sum. " - ZbOROVAN

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