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Visual artists - Vitaly and Elena Vasilieva


The art form was presented four times at the Venice Biennale. The Sao Paulo Biennale (Brazil) also took part. Their works are in museums of modern art.They were presented at world fairs - Miami Art Basel, Armory Show (NY) Arco Madrid, Paris Photo, LA Photo, FIAC (France) art Shanghai, etc. and had sales at top world auctions. Works are housed by the Getty Foundation. Work from the Prism of life series (included in the world heritage collection). In private collections, kenzo foundation, D&G, Roberto Cavalli, Ferrari head office in Maranello, Rockefeller Center, Johnny Depp, Prince of Monaco Albert ll, Deutsche Bank. Projects were created for the Francois Pinault Foundation, Qatar art foundation. Numerous publications in the world art press and more than 14 personals

exhibitions on different continents. We live in the South of France.



It is hard to escape the feeling that the "Apocalypse in Art" really shows the world teetered on the brink of death; barren, dilapidated, like a story of the picture splitting into incoherent fragments. People cannot delay the collapse, because they are able, at best, to find and fixate - but not to create.

We are trying to find shelter from the impending chaos, hiding behind the rules of etiquette, explaining how to behave at funeral ceremonies, only emphasizing the feeling of fatality - like art, feelings degenerate into meaningless imitation. In fact, today we are witnessing the disintegration of basic cultural patterns and mechanisms that determine a spiritual and material civilization appearance over the last century. Perhaps, despair and pessimism, covering many of our contemporaries.

Of course, I had many occasions to question - don't I give in pseudo-intellectual apocalypse hysteria by myself and isn't my skepticism about the future of contemporary art related to the transformation of art systems in which many people cannot find their place.

And remaining an artist, even in those years when I almost gave up the production of art objects and gestures, I could not and cannot stop thinking about the fate of art as an integral part of own destiny. So how and in what form will be possible the existence of art in the coming era? After all objectivity requires to recognize that the decomposition of

the old institutions and cultural patterns occur against the background of strong growth of new, still not fully understood, but obviously other worlds.


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