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Visual creator Joshua Benmore

Joshua Benmore is a visual creator, with his work specialising in vibrant paintings and fashion photography.

His style has been seen to subvert and juxtapose using fashion, humour and emotion. His paintings have touched on themes of religion, consumerism and branding whilst referencing popular iconography or symbols.

Amongst Joshuas work you will find a collection of Mickey Mouse earred, flower infused, space age, lunar love goddesses alongside neon puppy Christ, desert wonderers and bubblegum boys. His bold imagery is often Americana inspired and influenced by a range of his interests in high fashion, street culture and love for graphic and colour filled imagery. He is also very inspired by his love for mid century design, architecture and fashion. Joshuas painting process includes curating playlists of songs specific to what piece he is working on which helps him focus his ideas, narratives and emotion from the songs into his pieces and paints the colours that he hears. He recently created a series of space inspired portraits for the print issue of Noctis Magazines Cosmic Issue.

‘Something’s Missing… Something’s Coming” is an upcoming art collection by Joshua Benmore. The collection stems from Joshua personal experiences with mental illness and wanting to portray the inner feelings of the conditions in a visual and observable way.

The colourful, graphic and bold imagery juxtaposes with the initial ideas of depression and anxiety, aiming to make the emotions more understandable and accessible to talk about and relate to. The collection comes to terms with my own experiences and truth, seeing it a new light instead of thinking about the conditions as a dark thing, I want to bring light, colour and hope.

The first piece from the series was aesthetically influenced and dreamt up starting with my love for mid century design and enjoyment of the B52’s music and style. The hypnotic spirals illustrate the debilitating and frozen feeling of depression and anxiety and the zombie like state it can leave people in. The movement illusion of the spirals contrasts and furthers the idea of the stillness and lifelessness of the transfixed inhabitant.

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