Visual designer Odion Tobi

This art was inspired by Jesus feeding a crowd with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes, o likeness that scenario into today, to make a world a better place we need to start by doing little things, like feeding the poor and helping people. I went ahead to create a copy for the art that reads "this image here is for a family of four, you can feed the poor with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes" .. Urging people to do good to those people that have no food.

I am Odion Tobi,  an auto-didact visual designer, living and working in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mixed feelings. Don't know who to trust on the web anymore, I've got mixed feelings about who I'm chatting with, in a subtle manner I showed my feelings about the internet through the artwork.

My works are mostly 3d illustrations, I do it out of love and curiosity, while I focus on my days job which involves, branding, UI ux, and motion design. I love what I do.

Data. The GENZ cannot stop consuming social media, as a result they even loose count of the money they use in purchasing data, especially In Nigeria where the price of data is very high. I thought to myself, what if data was really cheap and affordable like some kind of cheap product in a store...

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