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Watercolor artist Wayne Wolfson

Updated: Apr 10

Watercolor artist Wayne Wolfson

Wayne Wolfson is a completely self-taught artist. His main mediums are watercolor on paper & graphite. His works have been seen in shows & and private collections worldwide. Wayne cites music as his key influence. Regardless of subject matter, emotion is the most vital component for each piece. That the viewer walking away having felt something always being the ultimate goal. When painting people, he has a style which he refers to as narrative portraiture, which he explains as: “A non-programmatic piece where there is no concrete story occurring, yet the viewer feels as if witnessing part of a story or a small, self-contained one.” There is a preference for density in his compositions. Utilizing watercolors allows for this but with a delicacy too, which is inherent for the medium.

"1A Landing SoCal" Colored Paper & Pencils 9x12

When traveling people often take photos which are overly personal and so meaningless to anybody but themselves or alternatively, all the suspect sights and subjects. I have made it a point on all my travels to document what i am seeing in a different way. I want it to engage the viewer who most likely does not know me. As with all my work, I lean towards a density of composition and in this case, a poetic beauty from the mundane. The patterns formed by all the man-made structures causes the piece to almost lapse into abstraction which still manages to please the eye.

This piece was chosen to be projected onto The Saatchi Screen at The Saatchi Gallery (2nd floor). Duke Of York's HQ King's Road

London SW3 4RY


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