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My name is Manuel Orero, and I am an international wedding photographer with residence in Sot de Chera, Valencia; Spain.

The bride visits her grandmother before the wedding. Many times the age and deterioration of our elderly, prevents them from moving to the ceremony or celebration. The moment when the couple go to see their elders if this happens, it is magical.

For 12 years I have dedicated myself to this plot of photography. The reason why I dedicate myself to it is because I like "real photography". I have always said that the secret of a portrait is in the look (it is something obvious), and in a wedding is where I find the most honest looks. That's why I prefer to say that my photography is honest, rather than beautiful.

After each ceremony I like to take the bride and groom 10-15 minutes. Not necessarily to take photographs, but to have a moment of intimacy. They are the ones who play in front of my camera then. In this photograph, the groom threw the veil of the bride into the air and hid quickly. Photograph taken in "Cloister of the General Captaincy of Valencia"

I believe that the evolution of documentary photography has been beneficial in the world of weddings. I worked in advertising and press, and that helped me a lot when it came to making reports to couples, since it united reality and creativity at the same time.

The grandfather of the bride. I feel weakness for the extremes in the portraits. In a wedding I am always alert with grandparents and children, interact, or interact more than middle-aged people many times. In the image, the bride at home before getting married kissing her grandfather on the arrival of this home to see her dressed.

Beyond the work, I will always say that photography saved my life. It is a massive construction weapon.

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