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Wiyoga Muhardanto: Where do we go for Makan?

Wiyoga Muhardanto: Where do we go for Makan?

Where do we go for Makan? is a contemporary art exhibition by Indonesian sculptor, Wiyoga Muhardanto. In this final presentation of his three-months residency with INSTINC Space, the artist explores urban community behaviours in Singapore through a series of site-specific miniatures. Inspired by the particularity of Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Muhardanto maps out the unique culture of art hubs in Singapore and centres his studies upon its influences on the facilitation of art appreciation.

Venue: INSTINC Space, 39 Keppel Rd, #03-10 Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065

Opening Reception: 05 June 2024 (Wed.) 6PM–8:30PM | Opening Reception RSVP Link

Exhibition Duration: 06–07 June 2024 (Thurs.–Fri.) 1PM–7PM. 08–09 June 2024 (Sat.–Sun.)


Based in Bandung, Indonesia, Wiyoga Muhardanto anchors his artistic practice in the medium of sculpture in the form of miniature figures, buildings, furniture and means

of transportation. In the last few years, his work has focused on the exploration of issues around social mobility through incorporating methods of duplication, simulation and the juxtaposition of daily objects.

Triggered by the location where INSTINC Space is currently located, namely Tanjong Pagar Distripark (TPD), Muhardanto conducted a project which discussed the influences this new art hub has brought to individuals with the desires to have a career in understanding and managing contemporary art exhibitions in Singapore and the world.

The artist has observed that art hubs appear to be a characteristic of Singapore in mapping various aspects of life. Locals can easily find centres for food, sports, health and even art. TPD, in specific, is one of the many art hubs that aims to facilitate access

for visitors, art practitioners and art collectors to appreciate exhibitions or works on display.

In this solo-exhibition entitled ‘Where do we go for Makan?’, Wiyoga Muhardanto transforms public furniture, a metaphor for new centres created for art workers to complain and share their life experiences, into a site-specific miniature. ‘Where do we go for Makan?’ is a title adopted from the Singapore slang language, which is an expression used when people want to spend time with friends or colleagues after work, attending music concerts or appreciating art exhibitions. It is an exhibition that examines how contemporary art becomes a cause for art practitioners to carry out social mobility, and reflects upon the derivative issues faced by social groups and individuals involved in the

productivity of activities, rotation of works of art, and the alternation of residencies within the TPD community.

About Artist

Wiyoga Muhardanto lives & works in Bandung, Indonesia. Muhardanto is primarily a sculptor whose works incorporate methods of imitation, simulation and the juxtaposition of daily objects to explore his interest in urban community behaviours. For the past four years his work has focused on exploring issues around social mobility. Muhardanto studied at Bandung Institute of Technology with a major in fine art – sculpture studio, 2002 – 2007 (BFA).

He has exhibited his work across South-East Asia with his most recent solo exhibitions being 3-in-1, ROH Projects, Jakarta and What If, Art Basel Hong Kong with recent group shows at Taipei Dangdai Young Galleries Sector, Taiwan. Liber Primus, Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, Central of Java,

Indonesia in 2019 and Shared coordinates, The Arts House, Singapore, Art Jakarta 2018, Ritzs Carlton Ballroom, OPEN P.O, Omnispace, Bandung in 2018.

He is the co-founder of the art organisation, Area Olah Karya and was the Director PLATFORM3,

Bandung, Indonesia. His work is in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum.

Instagram: @pantatresin

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