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World’s Most Expensive Artwork Launched as the Globe’s First self-pricing Crypto-Artwork

World’s Most Expensive Artwork, an artwork made by the freelance artist and illustrator Frederik F. Mettjes, launched as the very first of its kind crypto-artwork of the planet. The artwork is programmed by the blockchain-based ‘smart contract’ algorithms to be costlier than any other artworks in the globe.

" is a combination of a unique digital painting and various so-called smart contracts running on the Ethereum Blockchain - an open-source, public, decentralised distributed computing platform and operating system. This technique makes it possible to store the original image, administer the ownership, and run self-adjusting price algorithms guaranteed to always be more expensive than any other artwork in the world. The programming code is written in 'Solidity', a contract-oriented programming language for smart contracts. It is firmly established that the selling price of the artwork can only rise and not fall." - read our interview with Frederik F. Mettjes in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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