Writer and photographer Darren M. Edwards

I'm a writer and photographer based in Southern Utah. I write across genres from poetry to prose. I have had essays and poems published in Camas, The Independent, and Stone Voices among others. My first book (prose and photography) "Utah Sport Climbing: Stories and Reflections on the Bolting of the Beehive State" was published last year by The History Press. My photography focus on abstract and lowbrow pop images; though, I have also done a great deal of photojournalism. My work has appeared in The Creative, The Sonder Review, and Screbendi among others. - Darren M. Edwards

Utah Sport Climbing: Stories and Reflections on the Bolting of the Beehive State

Not much drives passionate debate in Utah more than public land use. And sport climbing is securely tethered to that controversy as more thrill-seekers gear up each year to ascend the state's geological wonders. From the bolt wars in Moab to the frenzied route development in American Fork Canyon, Utah remains central in the evolution of the sport. With over seventy original images, over sixty interviews and a healthy dose of humor, climber , photographer and author Darren M. Edwards tracks the spirit, ethos and feats of bolters who have led the way since the 1980s.

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