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JaamZIN Creative Exhibition

Ellen Dieter,


Ellen Dieter has painted, been an artist, created her whole life. Dieter grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and then moved around from city to city. She lived in Paris for a decade - exploring Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, eventually settling back in the US, in San Diego, CA. Dieter's art reflects her outer surroundings as well as her inner landscapes. With a constant quest for expression, she tries new ways of painting and taking the risk. Ellen's work is constantly growing and evolving. Her organic compositions capture the ephemeral vitality of modern life.


Who inspires you to create this 'Women Series" in the first place? How did you begin?


The first female figures I ever drew were when I was young, maybe 8, and would copy the Sunday Funnies. Later, in art school, Life Drawing classes almost always had a woman model for us to draw. Since then I have continued to sit in on life drawing sessions and I gravitate toward the female figure. As a woman, I relate to the female form, the female story, and the female experience.

How do you think the differing roles women play and the collective strength of women standing together matters? 


We as women take on many roles and when we do them together we are stronger for it. When we stand together, we stand powerful. Women of wisdom, of compassion, hold our worlds together. A woman's intuitive knowing guides the way. Women are the ones picking up the pieces of change and putting them back together. When we honor that, we honor our whole humanity.

Why do you think it is important for stories and achievements of women artists and their contributions to the art world be told? 


For so many years, the stories and achievements of women and women artists have been left out of the story line. Women were considered less than in so many ways. Which is just not true. It is important now more than ever to tell the female story. When women tell their stories, they not only strengthen women, they strengthen men and society. They bring forward the possibility for a more equal society. We need to bring forth all the past achievements of women as well as the ones being made today. We need to show our young girls that they are important, that they matter. We need to offer them role models that they can look up to. When I was growing up, we did not have that opportunity. In today’s world, we are becoming more aware of how important women are, how important women’s history is. We have a long way to go, but I am seeing books and classes and exhibitions showcasing women. We want, I want more of that.

What do you think your role as a woman is in this life? 


As a woman, I hold multiple roles in my singular body. I am strong, I am smart and I am creative. My role as a human being is to be compassionate, loving and forgiving. It is my role to set an example of living a spiritual life, a life of integrity, with honesty, hope, courage and brotherly love. It is my role to be authentic in my work and my practice and be open and teachable. It is also my role to stand up for what is right, to fight for women’s rights and to stand alongside my fellow woman.

With your art, how do you intend to communicate that? 


In my art, I paint my experience as a woman. Be it as a mother, a friend, a political statement, or just a day doing what I enjoy doing. In these expressions, I hope to touch another person’s experience in a way that they too relate. When we relate together, we are stronger, we feel connected, not alone. We all want to be seen, heard and understood. I hope that in my art, I can offer a moment of understanding or even wonder at the beauty of being a female artist.

What are your plans for the near future (let's say, in 5 years)? 


I will continue to paint, to express, to explore and to stand together with my contemporaries. I would like to see my work expand spiritually as well as globally. I would like a major show in a major museum. That would be a dream come true. That said, I have had a solo at the renowned Oceanside Museum of Art and am currently working on a very large piece for a group exhibit there for 2021. Our female artist group is called TWA (Twenty Women Artists) and our show for OMA in 2021 is called NOW.

When is your next exhibition and where can our readers and art enthusiasts and fans find more information about your work? 


I am currently represented by Adelman Fine Art Gallery in San Diego, California, Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla, California, Art N Soul on 101 in Encinitas, California and Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu, Hawaii. My work in these galleries is always available for viewing either in person or on their respective websites.

4 Hour Ride 48_x60_ mixed media -DIETER.

4 Hour Ride

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