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JaamZIN Creative


Stephanie Williams

22nd of May - 21st of June 2020

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Stephanie is an artist and writer from Delaware. Her abstract art aims to capture the more imaginary and unknown aspects of life and its surroundings. Inspired largely by surrealistic images and paintings, she aims to create a world that is entirely her own. Some of her more spiritual experiences as a Christian and reiki practitioner have also largely influenced her ability to create with depth and originality. Her writings have also profoundly influenced her art, and vice versa. The depth of meaning that she gathers from them enables her to become creative through a variety of mediums, and music also remains a large source of inspiration for her. She is largely self-taught, and started her work a few years ago when she reached a period of enlightenment regarding her purpose and place in life.


What inspires you?


I find inspiration through anything, really. Sometimes it’s just a matter of gathering what is inside of you and projecting that onto paper. I believe that the imagination is a powerful tool when used properly. But the one time that I recall first truly receiving inspiration was when I experienced a reiki (energy healing) session, during which my third eye opened, and I was able to see the world through a completely new set of eyes. It’s a bit like viewing the world as surrealistic and supernatural rather than purely a place where we go about our daily lives. Attending weekly group meditations also enables me to become inspired. Anything that goes beyond what we ordinarily see with our human eyes.

When was the first time you seek for it, and it dawn onto you? How did you feel at that time?


The first time I sought to become an artist was when I had seen the drawings of others, which caused me to want to be creative as well. I’d always had an affinity for writing, but I wanted my creativity to flourish in more profound and tangible ways that others could more easily perceive. My writing can at times be very loquacious and difficult to fathom. So I wanted others to be able to more easily perceive what was going on inside of my mind. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but what I do aim for is an appreciation for things unseen or unknown to the naked eye. As a Christian, I have a strong relationship with God, so I think that it sometimes shows in the way that I behold the supernatural world, and craft it onto paper. At the time during which my creativity began to truly flourish, I felt frustrated and had pretty much given up on ever trying to create art. But I kept pushing forward and learned that true art is intuitive and doesn’t come from mirroring the styles or creations of others. So in the end, I felt inspired, and kept urging myself to practice more and more.

Does the current times change the way your create your art work? Post-COVID19, do you think the way art is appreciated will be changed? If yes, how/why


The current times do somewhat change the way that I create my art. I can’t go out in public very much, so I’m restricted as to the types of experiences with others that I’m able to have (which can sometimes fuel inspiration). But I still have my music and literature, which both allow me to gather great amounts of inspiration.

I haven’t found myself as inspired lately just because I sometimes go through phases where I am or am not. The virus has definitely allowed me to appreciate what I do have in life, and to take strides to pray for or to help the less fortunate. Some of the best creative works have been created during such difficult times, both personally and globally. I do think that post COVID-19, the way that art is appreciated might be changed to an extent. I think it will be a time during which people will begin to appreciate each other a bit more and for there to be less divisions in the world around us. Therefore, I believe that the way that artists are inspired will change and cause their creativity to emerge in ways that it hasn’t before.

Which genre (in your opinion) will gain more inspirations and popularity?


I believe that the genre of realism will gain most inspiration and popularity, just because it conveys art in a way that is truthful and free of any abstractions. I believe that the general public wants to see more of this genre because it’s most easily understood. People tend to crave the tangible, the seen, the predictable, the certain, what is easily known. And especially during times of uncertainty, they will desire pieces that suggest both beauty and truth, but especially truth. Not everyone is an artist and not everyone understands art. I tend to believe that visual art is not generally a popular field in society, to either appreciate or practice, but one perspective that I have is that art is all around us. Life imitates art and vice versa. Art is simply pieces of life that we see all around us; most of us just don’t take the time to notice it.

What is your purpose and place in life?


My purpose and place in life is to inspire others to find their own spiritual path, and to have more of an understanding of the supernatural. I believe that finding Jesus and following Him fully is the key to understanding life as a whole. Not everyone will gather that solely based on the art that I create, but I don’t like to be obvious. I prefer to ignite a huge sense of mystery, awe, and wonder at the perceptions that others gain about my art. There is something truly sacred about the practice of art, and in holding true to that sacred space, I desire to help transform the lives of others with God’s guiding light ultimately doing all the work. Not everyone will appreciate the work that I do, but I don’t practice for the sake of pleasing the world. I create for the sake of coming to terms with my own sense of God within and without, and the mystically held ideals that He reveals to me on a daily basis. I can only hope to impact those around me to the extent which He allows.

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