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We select 4 artists a week to be featured. This week our topic is painting.

Voting is over! The winner is



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Ernest Compta Llinàs

Catalan artist and architect, I live and work in Barcelona. 

My works try to express social and emotional diversity through the face.

 Over the years I have moved between styles and formats, but I have always worked with the same theme: facial portrait. I work mainly with acrylics on canvas and paper, although some pieces are made with charcoal, oil, pastel and inks.


Haydn Dickenson

Haydn Dickenson was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom where he still lives and works, specialising in large, subtly exuberant free abstract pieces. In his unique work on canvas and board, collage, acrylics, oils and other media collaborate in a suggestive dance of colour, texture and form - at times urgent and vital, at others calm, meditative and spiritual. Haydn is inspired by the natural world, and by Humanity, Psychology, Mysticism and Spirituality. Musical references also appear – His former career was as a Concert Pianist.


Tony Woods

Tony Woods is an Irish artist who favours painting abstract dimensions inspired by feeling and emotion. His many works range for the countryside and seas in his native Ireland and indeed from his travels to distant places like South Africa and Alaska.


Patrick Gonzales

Patrick Gonzales is a French artist based in beautiful Dijon - France. His artistic portfolio is notable for a kind of mysticism that is not immediately definable, which has grown through the evolution of his artistic life path.
Today he has a style so recognizable and so typical of his intuitive artistic impulses that he has found his fascination in a sea of inspiration and acquired expertise.

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