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The winner is Eni Turkeshi




Alexis Guevara

Alexis Guevara is a Mexican visual artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Sciences and Techniques specializing in natural and urban landscape photography with a tendency towards Fine Art.

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Eni Turkeshi.jpg

Eni Turkeshi

I am an Albanian visual artist working mainly as a photographer exploring modern and old alternative processes of photography but also experimenting with several mixed media techniques.

Jovana Rikalo.jpg

Jovana Rikalo

Fine art & portrait photographer from Serbia. To capture emotion and a story filled with magic and dreams is my gift.


Photography has always been my big love. I started practicing it more actively in 2012 when I wanted to tell my story. My works always show strong emotions. I find inspiration everywhere – but mostly in life and people.

Mahesh Peñate.jpg

Mahesh Peñate

My name is Mahesh Peñate, I'm a Venezuelan/Spanish photographer and filmmaker. The world of the arts has always been present in my life from an early age and I have always had a natural attraction for photography and cinema. I started studying visual arts and cinema in Caracas (Venezuela) in 2016.

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